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Finsk flöjtmusik

Kuva ShutterstockThe Finnish Flute Association keeps a list of works for flute by Finnish composers from cirka 20th century to this day.  Gathered on this site there are works for solo flute, flute and orchestra, flute and piano, also for different chamber ensembles.

The works have been alphabetised by the composer’s surname. List includes the instrumentation, year, date of premiere, duration, also with letter codes info on publication, availability and other possible notes. Some works can be found in the FFA library in Tampere. Members of the association can borrow them, read more from the sheet music library’s site (in Finnish only).

 Letter codes in the list:

  • E = The work has been published
  • N = The work exists as sheet music
  • P = Pedagogical work (music school, advanced pupils)
  • R = There is a recording of the work
  • K = The work can be borrowed from FFA library in Tampere

We strive for updating the list and adding new works into it. We also hope for tips on works missing from the list, you may send info to us by filling the form below. Please contact us also if you notice mistakes or old information on the list.


Finnish flute music 


Finnish flute composers 

The Finnish Flute Association aims to promote Finnish flute artistry. We will present here some composers with finnish flute repertoire. 


herba70vA Finnish flutist and significant flute pedagogue Herbert Lindholm started his composing career only at the age of 40. Nevertheless, he has been a very prolific composer of flute music. He combines the traditional and modern day styles and aims to create music which is idiomatic for the instrument, and which is comfortably playable for the musician.


Herbert has kindly offered his flute library to the use of the FFA. Members can print out works via finnish member pages. The works can also be bought from Music Finland's website.