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Olemme rajanneet Suomen Huiluseuran sisältöä vain jäseniemme käyttöön. Mikäli olet jo seuramme jäsen ja sinulta puuttuu vielä tunnukset sivuille, olethan yhteydessä jäsensihteeriimme. Jos et ole vielä jäsen, käy täyttämässä jäsenhakemuslomake 

I’m pretty sure that most teachers and directors who have worked with returning adult flutists will have, at some point, heard phrases like ‘well, I don’t have a good sense of rhythm’ or, ‘My low register is pretty weak and that’s not going to change now’. Collecting internalized beliefs about the fixed nature of one’s abilities is certainly not only practiced by adult learners, but adults have also had a long time to collect those beliefs and practice them very well.

Holding onto these beliefs is like putting on a suit of armor and a pair of sound-cancelling headphones before walking into a rehearsal. They might keep you well protected, but also prevent you from hearing much, and they don’t leave much room to move or grow. When the well-intentioned director tries to help the returning flutist by telling them what to do, the returning flutists probably can’t hear the advice, and everyone can end up frustrated and anxious.

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