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Olemme rajanneet Suomen Huiluseuran sisältöä vain jäseniemme käyttöön. Mikäli olet jo seuramme jäsen ja sinulta puuttuu vielä tunnukset sivuille, olethan yhteydessä jäsensihteeriimme. Jos et ole vielä jäsen, käy täyttämässä jäsenhakemuslomake 

Third Time's the charm!

Twice the Finnish Flute Festival had to be postponed because of Corona restrictions so we were ecstatic when the first day of the festival dawned 7.10.2022.

This event had been planned by the Finnish Flute Association in cooperation with Adams Flute Centre and the Sibelius Academy Helsinki. For three days the Sibelius Academy facilities of the Music Centre Helsinki were filled by nearly 500 flutists listening to concerts, participating in masterclasses and workshops as well as listening to lectures and trying out flutes at the largest flute exhibition Finland has seen so far. Guests from abroad playing concerts and giving international masterclasses/workshops included Ulla Miilmann, Anna Garzuly-Wahlgren, Paul Edmund Davies, Paolo Taballione, Gareth McLearnon, Gudrun Hinze and Matthias Ziegler.

Finnish Flute Festival 14Finnish Flute Festival 127Finnish Flute Festival 21Finnish Flute Festival 32

Finnish Flute Festival 62Finnish Flute Festival 25Photos: Francisco Gonzalez Camacho Finnish Flute Festival 138

The local flute scene was represented by the three soloflutists of the Helsinki orchestras performing in concerts, Alexis Roman, Yuki Koyama and Niamh McKenna, as well as the teachers of the Sibelius Academy Petri Alanko, Hanna Juutilainen, Elina Raijas, Hanna Kinnunen and Yuki Koyama giving masterclasses for young flutists from Finland. The concerts were skilfully accompanied by the Academy's accompanists Naoko Ichihashi, Matilda Kärkkäinen and Mariko Furukawa. In addition there were Alexander Technique and Pilates workshops by Maria Vahervuo and Tommi Hyytinen, lectures on performance preparation by Päivi Arjas and Erja Joukamo-Ampuja as well as lectures on how to choose the right flute by Peter Swinkels and how to maintain it by Johannes Päkkilä.

FFF elinaFFF Hanna K

Pete FFFFFF YukiTeachers of the Sibelius-Academy. Photos by Laura RaudaskoskiFFF Hanna J


The flute exhibition in the main foyer was the heart of the festival area, Adams Flute Centre, Mancke Headjoints, Burkart Flutes, Eva Kingma and local flute sellers like Huilupiste and Soitin Laine were exhibiting a huge selection of instruments. Also flute sheet music was sold as well as many accessories.

Finnish Flute Festival 104Finnish Flute Festival 73Finnish Flute Festival 75Finnish Flute Festival 50 

Finnish Flute Festival 119Finnish Flute Festival 25Kuvat: Francisco Gonzalez CamachoFinnish Flute Festival 110

There were activities in which flutists of any level could participate, warm-ups in the morning and flute orchestra sessions, the largest one 100 flutists, conducted by Gareth Davies who created a fun atmosphere for everyone.

Finnish Flute Festival 62Finnish Flute Festival 64Finnish Flute Festival 62

Finnish Flute Festival 75Photos: Francisco Gonzalez Camacho

For the young Finnish Flutists a "screening" was organized, in four different categories flutists were invited to play for an audience and a jury who was giving individual feedback and motivating comments as well as awarding a few special prizes. A nice "warm up" for the national flute competition which the Finnish Flute Association is pioneering next autumn 2023.

In a country such as Finland with big geographical distances between the cities it is truly a celebration to gather flutists from all corners of the country, see them enjoy flute music and connect with each other. Especially beloved were the short refreshing concerts in the middle and end of the day which showed once again that there are so many different ways in which to make great music on the flute.



FINAL FUN Concert, Finnish Flute Festival 9.10.2022



Trad. (sov. Liz Goodwin): Canon of Peace
Trad. (sov. Liz Goodwin): Soldier’s Joy Hornpipe 


A. Piazzolla (sov. G. McLearnon): Libertango G. McLearnon: Edge Effect 

Intermediate & Advanced:

E. John/ T. Rice (sov. G. McLearnon): Circle of Life 


Sarja D: Huiluryhmä Liekit: Ilma Acosta Törmälehto, Aada Heikkilä, Lilja Verhaverbeke, Vili Välimäki, Noel Äyräväinen 
Fr. Göttsche-Niessner: Sadetanssi L. Rossa: Moderato ma non troppo 

Sarja A: Viia Katila, flute & Timo Latonen, piano
J.S.Bach: Flute Sonata in C major BWV 1033 

 Sarja B: Olli-Pekka Pulkkanen:
O. Taktakishvili: Sonata for flute and piano, 3rd. mvt, Allegro 

Sarja C: Carolina Azzola
E. Bozza: Image 

Gareth McLearnon, Niamh McKenna, Hanna Juutilainen, Yuki Koyama, Hanna Kinnunen, Matthias Ziegler
Trad. (arr. McLearnon): Carrickfergus 

Bizet: Carmen Fantasy (arr. Seiya Ueno)