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About the Association

pienet soittajatThe Finnish Flute Association (Suomen Huiluseura ry, SHS) was founded on the 17th of April, 1983 in Tampere, Finland. It is one of the oldest flute associations in the world. The main objectives of SHS is to promote flute playing as an art and bring flutists together. SHS connects musicians, flute teachers, pupils, students and amateur flutists and strives to organize pedagogic schooling for teachers on a high level.

Another goal for the SHS is to welcome young students to the association and organize events also for them. In recent years, SHS has organized Gluck -flute competition, a flute weekend in Kuopio, a masterclass and flute orchestra weekend with Gareth McLearnon, instrument exhibition by national and international instrument retailers, a course on extended flute techniques with Rogier de Pijper, pedagogical days for teachers focusing on pedagogical discussion, a concert visit to Musiikkitalo (Helsinki Music Centre), and, in collaboration with Tampereen huiluklubi, the first baroque flute event in Finland with Jari S. Puhakka.

SHS publishes interesting articles on their website from the flute world and strives to bring forward Finnish and international flutists, flute teachers and students as well as interesting flute events in Finland and abroad.

The Finnish Flute Association wants to invite all flute players and flute music enthusiasts to join our activities – welcome! 

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