Finnish Flute Festival

We pay special attention to the safety of Finnish Flute Festival’s visitors, staff and guests. We follow the guidelines of the authorities regarding Covid-19 virus and we adapt our program and guidelines to the prevailing situation. This article will be updated during the festival, so please visit this site regularly.


safety measures during the festival

Stay at home if you have any symptoms of flu

If you have any symptoms of flu or other suitable symptoms for coronavirus infection, stay at home. Cancellation policy can be found on Enrolment and fees page.

Hand hygiene

Pay attention to hand hygiene by washing your hands and using hand sanitiser. There are hand sanitizer dispensers by the entrances of Musiikkitalo and signs that will guide you to the nearest place where to wash your hands. Remember to cough and sneeze into a tissue or a sleeve.

Safe distances

Please pay attention to other festival visitors and keep a safe distance. At the concerts the audience will be seated with safety distances instructed by the staff.


Let’s have a safe and flute-filled festival together!