Finnish Flute Festival

Daily schedules

The scedules have been updated 1.10.2022.  We reserve the right to make changes. 

FRIDAY 7.10.2022       SATURDAY 8.10.2022       SUNDAY 9.10.2022



 Festival premises and specific schedules

The festival will be held in the smaller concert halls of Helsinki Music Centre: Camerata, Organo, Sonore, Black Box as well as other locations in the Music Centre and classrooms of the Sibelius Academy. Specified schedules with students and repertoire to each location can be found by clicking on the picture.


The venue is located mainly in the ground foyer in first floor of the Helsinki Music Centre.  You can access all concert halls of the event from the foyer. 

Class rooms S3105, S5114 ja S7114 are located on the premises of the Sibelius Academy. You can access them through the 3rd floor, called the info floor, where you can also find the info desk of the Music Centre. This info floor of Sibelius Academy can be accessed inside the Music Centre across the main hallway, under the stairs leading towards Mannerheimintie entrance or from the outside, the main entrance of Sibelius-Academy in Töölönlahdenkatu 16.  The first number of the class will tell you the floor where the classroom is located, e.g. S3105 is Sibelius-Academy, 3rd floor. 

Dance Hall is located in the premises of the orchestras. We will gather before the class to the info desk of the festival in the ground foyer, and go together. 25 first may participate. 

The video room 2105 (for screening feedback) is located in the 2nd floor hallway of the Music Centre, above the ground foyer. 

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