Finnish Flute Festival

Masterclasses by our foreign guests are mainly aimed at professional students and flute professionals. Active participants will be chosen by video selection, listeners are always welcome with the festival pass. Here you may also see all the events where you'll meet our guests during the festival. 

Paul Edmund-DaviesPaul Edmund-Davies

Paul Edmund-Davies is a British flutist with a long-standing career. He held the position of principal flutist with the London Symphony Orchestra and has also worked as principal with the Philharmonia Orchestra as well as with the English National Opera. A flutist with an extensive recording history, his playing has been also featured in many famous movie soundtracks. He regularly performs and gives masterclasses around the world. 

Edmund-Davies has shared his professional flute playing "secrets" by publishing a book containing technical exercises, The 28 Day Warm Up Book. He has also edited flute music for Kevin Mayhew Ltd. 

He is a professor at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

Adams 2017 Flute CentreConcert: Saturday, 13:30, Camerata
Flutey and the Beast, workshop: Saturday, 15:00, Camerata
Masterclass: Sunday, 14:30, Black Box
Sunday morning warm-up, 9:15, Camerata

Paul Edmund-Davies is kindly sponsored by Adams European Flute Centre


Anna G Wetu Anna Garzuly-Wahlgren

The hungarian born flutist Anna Garzuly-Wahlgren studied in Budapest, Munich and New York before becoming Associate Principal Flutist of the Gewandhausorchestra in Leipzig at age 24, followed by a ten years long period as Acting Principal Flutist. Since 2017 she is appointed professor for wind chamber music at the Hochschule für Musik Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy in Leipzig, since 2019 she is also professor for flute at the Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt in Weimar.

2017 she was awarded the post of woodwind chamber music professor at the "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" music university in Leipzig. From 2019 onwards she has taught as a flute professor at the music university "Franz Liszt" in Weimar. Participants of Garzuly-Wahlgren's masterclasses have been enjoying her high standard of pedagogy throughout Europe and Asia.

Anna is a founding member of the renowned Leipzig Flute Ensemble  "Quintessenz“, who in 2021 celebrated their 25th anniversary.

Mancke HeadjointsOrchestral excerpts workshop: Friday, 16:30, Sonore
Masterclass: Saturday, 10:00-12.15, S3105 / 16:15-18:30, Black Box 
Concert: Sunday 13:00, Camerata

Anna Garzuly-Wahlgren is kindly sponsored by Mancke Headjoints


Ivusheikova OlgaGudrun Hinze

Gudrun Hinze studied flute and piccolo in Düsseldorf and Essen. After engagements with the WDR Symphony Orchestra Cologne and the Leipzig MDR Symphony Orchestra, she accepted the position of principal piccoloist in the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra in 1993. She has also served as piccoloist in the Bayreuth Festival Orchestra since 1999.

Two CDs of works from the piccolo literature document her solo engagements, one released on the Berlin Classics label in 2006 and the other on Talanton Records in 2010.

She is a founding member of Quintessenz flute ensemble. She has also developed into an accomplished arranger for her quintet colleagues, as there are few original pieces written for this type of ensemble.

Burkart logo Mozart & Vivaldi piccolo workshop: Saturday 15:30-18:00, Sonore
Warm up and Orchestral excerpts piccolo workshop: 9:30-12:00, Sonore
Concert Final fun: Sunday, 17:00, Camerata

Gudrun Hinze is kindly sponsored by Burkart Flutes and Piccolos 


Gareth McLearnonGareth McLearnon

A native of Northern Ireland, Gareth McLearnon (b. 1980) is an internationally renowned and award-winning flutist, composer, arranger and educator.  As part of his diverse, creative, exciting and inspiring musical career, McLearnon travels a lot, and his performances and teaching are enjoyed by flutists of all ages and levels around the world.

McLearnon has played with a number of top English orchestras.  In addition, he also performs in the Heritage Orchestra, which shakes up the traditions of classical music.

McLearnon last visited Finland in April 2017, when the Finnish Flute Society invited him to give a course for Finnish flutists and to introduce the course participants to his extensive collection of flutes of different sizes.

HAYNES Logo blackSaturday morning warm up: 9:15, Black Box
Flute ensembles: Saturday 10:00 Black Box / Sunday 10:00 Camerata 
Concert: Saturday 19:00, Camerata
Colour and emotion, workshop: Sunday, 14:30, Camerata

Gareth McLearnon is kindly sponsored by the Haynes Flutes


Ulla Miilmann photo credit Agnete SchlichtkrullUlla Miilmann

Ulla Miilmann (b. 1972) is a solo flutist in the Danish National Symphony Orchestra. She has been successful in many competitions and was also nominated for a Grammy in 2006 in the “Best Soloist Performance with Orchestra” category for his performance of Ole Schmidt’s Concerto for Flute and Orchestra.

Miilmann studied flute at the School of the Arts in North Carolina, USA. She was elected to his current position as solo flutist in 1994, at the age of only 22. Miilmann also plays in the Danish Radio's woodwind quintet and performs as a soloist and chamber musician with other notable musicians. Ulla Miilmann teaches flute at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen.

HAYNES Logo Masterclasses: Friday 13:30, Camerata / Saturday, 14:30, S5114 / Sunday, 10:00 S3105 
Concert: Saturday 13:00, Camerata  

Ulla Miilmann is kindly sponsored by the Haynes Flutes


Paolo photo 2Paolo Taballione

Paolo Taballione studied flute at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome (Santa Cecilia Conservatory) and the Geneva Conservatory in Switzerland (Conservatoire Supérieur de Musique de Genève). In addition to successful flute studies, Taballione studied piano and composition. Taballione has been successful in numerous national and international solo competitions since a young age.

From 2006 to 2008, Paolo Taballione was the principal flutist of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Orchestra in Florence. He was selected as a solo flutist at the Bayer National Opera in Munich in 2008. He also tours as a guest principal flutist in major European orchestras.

An intensive career as a soloist has toured Paolo playing in major concert halls across Europe. He has also been invited to perform and hold masterclasses at music academies and international festivals around the world.

powell logoMasterclasses: Saturday 14:30, S7114 / Sunday 14:30 Sonore
Concert: Sunday, 13:30, Camerata 

Paolo Taballione is kindly sponsored by Powell Flutes


Ziegler2Matthias Ziegler

Matthias Ziegler (b. 1955) from Switzerland is today one of the most versatile and innovative flutists in the world. He plays both traditional repertoire and contemporary music. He is known as a flutist who breaks the boundaries between classical music and jazz.

Ziegler has performed as a soloflutist in the Zurich Chamber Orchestra, played in the Collegium Novum Zürich, and toured the world as a chamber musician with renowned musicians. Matthias Ziegler teaches flute at the Zurich University of the Arts.

In addition to the traditional flute, alto and bass flutes, Ziegler's range of instruments includes a double bass flute, a quarter-pitched flute and his self-developed “matusiflute,” a flute with a vibrating membrane that modifies the sound. The rich soundscape of his wide range of instruments has inspired several composers to compose flute concerts for Ziegler.

evakingmaExtended techniques, open lecture: Saturday, 10:00, Camerata
Concert: Saturday, 19:45, Camerata
Improvisation workshop: Sunday, 10:00, Black Box
Kingma Flutes Showcase: Sunday, 12:00, Black Box

Matthias Ziegler is kindly sponsored by Eva Kingma


PetriAlanko2019Petri Alanko

Petri Alanko is a lecturer and teacher-in-charge of flute at the Sibelius Academy. He has performed as a solo flutist in the Zurich Opera 1987-88 and in the Radio Symphony Orchestra 1988-2010.

Petri has won 1st prizes in both the Kobe and Munich (ARD) flute competitions and has been a jury member of several international flute competitions, including Kobe, Munich ARD and Nielsen. In spring 2022 he was the guest professor in the Aichi University of the Arts, Nagoya Japan. 

SibA2C. Nielsen Concerto masterclass with pianist Mariko Furukawa: Friday 16:00, Camerata 




Please understand that covid-19 restrictions may influence our festival arrangemets.
We retain the right to make changes when necessary.


Kuva Kimmo TähtinenHanna JuutilainenHanna KinnunenHanna KinnunenYuki KoyamaYuki KoyamaElina RaijasElina Raijas

These master classes are aimed at young enthusiastic flutists in vocational training and music college, who are interested in professional studies later on. Each participant will receive one 45-minute lesson from a Siba teacher. Participants are selected on the basis of an application (video). Students own flute teacher can also send a recommendation to the Flute Association. A teacher request can be made in the application. 


Hanna Juutilainen

Hanna Juutilainen is the pricipal flutist of the Tapiola Sinfonietta and Avanti and a teacher at the Sibelius Academy. Hanna has made numerous teaching visits to music colleges, taught at summer camps, held a flute clinic with physiotherapist Satu Palo, and conducted in-service training for music college teachers. Class will held in Finnish. 

SibA2Junior masterclass: Sunday 10.30- 12.00 S5114, 14.30-16.00 S7114

This masterclass is part of Sibelius Academy’s Junior Academy national cooperation.


Hanna Kinnunen

Hanna Kinnunen teaches students of all ages in the Sibelius Academy, from junior deparment to master level. She is also a teacher at the Käpylä music school in Helsinki. Hanna collaborates with current composers and has given many world premieres of numerous works with flutes of all sizes, with Defunensemble among others. Orchestral experience she has especially from the Radio Symphony Orchestra. Class will held in Finnish.

SibA2Junior masterclass: Friday 15.15- 18.30 S3105

This masterclass is part of Sibelius Academy’s Junior Academy national cooperation.


Yuki Koyama

Yuki Koyama is the first solo flutist of the Radio Symphony Orchestra and a teacher at the Sibelius Academy. He was the youngest of all time to won first prize at the prestigious Kobe flute competition in 2004. Yuki gives masterclasses regularly in both Asia and Europe, and he has worked as the guest flute professor of the Seoul National University. Class will be held in English. 

SibA2Junior masterclass: Saturday 10.00- 11.30 S5114, Sunday 14.30-16.00 S5114
Concert: Friday at 19.00

This masterclass is part of Sibelius Academy’s Junior Academy national cooperation.


Elina Raijas

Elina Raijas is the associate principal flutist of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra. She teaches in the Sibelius Academy and is an active chamber music performer. Elina teaches also young flutists, which she has done e.g. over weekend visits in different music schools and Summer music workshops. Class will held in Finnish. 

SibA2Junior Masterclass: Saturday 9.15- 12.30 S5114, 14.30-16.00 S7114

This masterclass is part of Sibelius Academy’s Junior Academy national cooperation.